Dragon Hills 2


Ride your metal dragon to kill zombies


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Dragon Hills 2 is an 'endless runner' of sorts. Take control of a metal dragon to mine for treasure and soar the skies with the objective of: making it as far as you can – and – finishing off any zombies that dare cross your path.

Control systems in Dragon Hills 2 are simple. Your dragon plows forward in a straight line; from there anytime you tap your screen you have him digging a hole, and whenever you release your finger – he jumps. Those two moves comprise your strategy to dodge obstacles, pick up coins and kill off zombies.

Early on, your dragon is a flimsy pipsqueak, but as you play his strength increases thanks to exp. points and your gold coins. Plus, investing your earnings to build up your dragon's vitality, speed, or tunnel-making skills is always an option.

Dragon Hills 2 is uniquely fun. Its visuals are nice-looking. All in all, this title makes for a strong sequel, and albeit both are strikingly similar in essence, this reprise rounds out the original title quite nicely.

Android 4.1 or higher required.

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